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August 13th & 14th


Integration - Safety - Astrology - Human Design - Strategy - Family

A 2-Day Healing Think Tank

Removing All Confusion

"Turning on your inner magic is like being the new kid in the martial arts class. It can be scary at first. But if you stick with your practice and stay with the fundamentals, one day you'll be a Master."


Your Personal Healing Journey is DIRECTLY Attached to the Ancestral Healing Journey. There is no seperation.

2 - Day Think Tank Intensive

"Healing is Physical, Spiritual, Emotional & Ancestral." - Sifu Oyi

A lot of our desires go unfulfilled because we still carry so much of our Ancestors debris that we didn't even know we had. And yes, we have to clean up that debris that we didn't even create. That's why it's call "Ancestral Healing." It's an inherited responsibility from our Ancestors.

We have a gross misconception that all of our Ancestors are healthy and are given super powers when they cross over. THAT IS NOT TRUE! Many of our Ancestors left this realm without having any TRUTHFUL foundation or teachings of Being An Ancestor and unfortunately took a misinformed consciousness with them on a very perilious journey in their next path of evolution. If you want their help, then you're going to have to help them heal FIRST!!!

Simple as that.

In my research, I have found that Generational debris normally starts with or is linked to some childhood "relationship" trauma that has never been addressed in the physical, spiritual, emotional or metaphysical realm. This 2 day virtual intensive will be a High Level Think Tank where I will share my research and strategies for High Level Ancestral Healing with Sacred Earth Medicine on a Microdose level.

Join me for this Very Special 2 Day Virtual Think Tank were we will dive deep into Mycology and How Sacred Fungi work, Safety, Scheduling & Integration, how you are connected to the Mycelium network through your Astrology and Human Design Chart, and how to use Moon Magic to properly, easily and safely guide you to stronger and more aligned intentions.

There will be a very large portion of this work dedicated to Identifying and Doing High Level Healing on relationship traumas that we all have experienced .

Day one will be all about

YOU personally.

Day two will be all about ANCESTORS & FAMILY.

Join us as we go beyond the basics of micro dosing and take you on a journey to find out what is really going on, why people do it, and the best way to do it. There's a lot of misinformation out there and people are confused about the benefits of micro-dosing and what you can really do with them. Sifu Oyi is here to clear this up and help you see that the benefits of micro-dosing that goes beyond what you might have thought!

You will leave this 2 day Virtual Think Tank with a VERY solid personal strategy and Ancestral Strategy. Just bring a VERY open mind as we dive into these Indigenous Practices.

And yes, I'm putting my PERSONAL "Million Years Worth of Game" guarantee on this one. Everything you need to know to successfully and confidently start your ancestral healing journey with micro-dosing. (Yes, there will probably be some macro dose talk going around too. lol. Who knows?)


  • 2-Days Of Virtual Instruction
  • Lifetime Access to Replay
  • Lots of DNA Explosions


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